The Battle of the Undefeated Streak/War to Settle the Score/Irresistible Force Meets the Immovable Object/Juventus vs Parma was quite a showdown of in-form Serie A sides. Parma had not lost since they last played Juve, and Juve have not lost in the league since October, and have not lost at home at all this season in Serie A. Juve’s streak won the war today, though Parma (via Molinaro, of all people) did end Juve’s clean sheet streak in Serie A.

Buffon: 6.5. Made one nice save, can’t be blamed too much for that Molinaro goal which was an absolute laser.

Chiellini: 6. Not the worst game for big Giorgio, but not his finest either. The other two centerbacks played much better, though Chiellini’s passing was more or less on point.

Bonucci: 7. Very fine match from Leo. He made some big stops to break up potentially dangerous moves from Parma, and he cleared some dangerous balls. Nine for ten in long ball passing as well, which was a nice return to the mean for him.

Caceres: 6.5. Not as good as Bonucci but Caceres was putting in some good work as well during this match. He has seen much more playing time than usual this past month and he has really been in fine form for most of it.

Lichtsteiner: 6. Not a poor match but offered little coming forward for Juve. Lichtsteiner has not been in his best form recently.

Isla (71′): 6. The rating undersells his performance, as I thought he played well. However, with only 20 minutes he didn’t have too much time to make an impact, especially as Juve had already taken the lead.

Asamoah: 6. What should have been a nice match rating was lowered by some silly fouls and inconsistency in the attack.

Vidal: 7. One of Vidal’s best matches in recent memory. He was super involved, and while sometimes he fell on his face – literally – he was in general very effective. Of course he had the most tackles on the team – five – and he didn’t even have any terribly inaccurate shots on goal! Finally he was part of the funniest Juve event of the season when he went down during play and moments later – prone on the ground – he was passed the ball and it bounced off of him.

Pogba: 7. Most of what I said about Vidal applies to Pogba. His dribbling was a particular highlight, and he was much more influential  today than he has been in weeks. More of this, please, Paul.

Pirlo: 6.5. Probably could have been a higher rating had he not been substituted off after an hour. Saving him for Napoli, I guess.

Marchisio (66′): 6. 21 passes attempted, 21 completed. Small sample size but given the amount he played an impressive stat. Marchiso is a regista, deal with it. Though, he can of course play in other midfield roles.

Llorente: 5.5. Good hold up play at times but he blew every chance he had, though some were better chances than others. Llorente’s form has been poor lately, hopefully he can break out of it as our striker options are rather limited due to injuries.

Quagliarella (74′): 6. Seemed dangerous at many moments but also wasted some chances for the team to score by trying too hard to a Playstation goal. That said he hasn’t played much since the end of the transfer window so it’s hard to judge him.

Tevez: 8. The man of the match. Two slick goals, and the usual Tevez workhorse production. Just a completely dominate game from Tevez.