What a performance to cap off a record breaking season. This was an easy win, Juve wrapped the game up within 25 minutes, and they had finished the scoring by the end of the first half. The rest was really just rubbing it in. Antonio Conte put in Rubinho, no really he did, and Cagliari only gave Juve a few scares.

Still it was clear the players – and Conte – wanted to break the 100 points barrier and that they did. 102, get used to that number because it’s the new Serie A record for most points in a season. Juve are now closer to the max amount of points a team can get -114 – than they are to Roma – who have 85 points. That’s a very impressive Serie A campaign, and nobody can take that away. Well, I guess the FIGC can, but presumably they won’t.

Now, let’s rate these guys one more time.

Buffon: 6. Best part of his day? Having his kids take PKs against him in the empty Stadium after all the festivities. Another great season for Gigi, let’s see if he wins another World Cup this summer.

Rubinho (54′): 6. He gets a six for finally making an appearance this summer. I wonder if Storari was upset that Rubinho got this appearance and not Storari.

Caceres: 6.5. He has really been solid this season. We now know we have a CB who can fill in perfectly for Barzagli. Plus he is faster. I expect to see Caceres starting at CB far more next season and into the future.

Bonucci: 6. Just like Caceres, he was solid. Took a cleat to the privates, which must have been a horrible experience.

Ogbonna: 7. Our best defender today. Probably not saying much as we faced Cagliari, but he had a rough go of it at times this season, so was nice to see him play well in his last game this season.

Lichtsteiner: 6. Lichtsteiner hasn’t been bad this season, but he has definitely been less than stellar at times. Perhaps the club should look at bringing in another right sided wide player? Or we can keep Isla and maybe one day he will get better?

Asamoah: 7. A good performance from a player who has been in fine form this season. Asamoah has solidified himself as a starting quality wing back, and he’s still a damn good midfielder too!

Pirlo:  7. The free kick wizard strikes again. In addition to his devastating free kicks, it’s nice that Juve have evolved from two years ago, when Pirlo was the engine of the attack. Now, they just need Pirlo to get the ball rolling, and the other guys can still build up attacks without needing a super pass from Pirlo.

Pepe (80′): s.v. Pepe is alive! Who knew?

Pogba: 7. Pogba was free to show off today, he had many nice passes and dribbling efforts. It’s interesting as Pogba has grown this season, and while still using his dribbling to beat defenders, he now also knows the importance of a good pass to a teammate.

Marchisio: 7. One of his finest matches of recent memory. Bagged a goal, was ten for ten in long ball passing, and put in his usual end to end running and defending. That last bit is the part of Marchisio’s game that is most often disregarded when folks call him “invisible.”

Tevez: 6.5. He had a few chances to get a goal today, but he either chose to dribble or took the shot and missed. Still worked tirelessly to better his team’s chances. A fine debut season for Tevez at Juve, and I look forward to him building upon it next season.

Llorente: 7.5. A goal and an assist for Llorente! He has had a few rough patches of form but he has had a very good season overall. A very important part of Juventus in my opinion, and I cannot wait to see him play a whole season without needing the first three months to shake off rust and get in form.

Osvaldo (60′): 5. Poor match, again. Aside from the games against Trabzonspor, and the goal against Roma, Osvaldo’s tenure with Juve has been entirely forgettable. And hopefully, it’s finished now.