Juventus is interested in Spezia star Daniele Verde and wanted to add him to their group in the summer.

The Bianconeri scout other Italian clubs to find talents they can always add to their group. Calciomercato reports that they like Verde and tried to add him to their squad before this season started.

It did not go to plan and the Roma trainee remained at Spezia but has not left their radar.

The Bianconeri would be on the market for new players at the end of this season and the 26-year-old is one man who could be in their group.

Juve FC Says

Verde has been a fine player since he returned to Italy with Spezia and would feel he needs to join a bigger club at this stage of his career.

Having spent some time abroad and in Italy, he probably has the experience required to do well at Juventus.

Max Allegri loves more ex[perienced players and the gaffer must decide if the winger can deliver for him before he asks the club to sign Verde.

For now, we need to focus on getting the best from our players because they probably have better quality than Verde.