With each passing day, the scenario is becoming increasingly evident that Leonardo Bonucci will indeed part ways with Juventus before the commencement of the new season.

The seasoned defender finds himself among the initial casualties of the decisive actions of Cristiano Giuntoli, who, upon assuming the role of sporting director, made it explicitly clear that Bonucci no longer featured in the club’s future plans.

During Juventus’ tour of the United States in preparation for the upcoming season, Bonucci was left behind, while he continued training alongside other players in Turin. Despite this, he maintained optimism that the team might reconsider his position and reintegrate him.

Although reports suggest that he rejected a move to Turkey, with the hope that Juventus might have a change of heart and welcome him back into the squad, it appears increasingly unlikely. A report from Calciomercato indicates that the more plausible course of action now would be the termination of his contract.

Currently earning a salary of 6 million euros annually, Bonucci could potentially agree to a severance package amounting to approximately 2 million euros, thus allowing him to dissolve his association with the club.

This turn of events signals a significant departure from the past for Bonucci, who has been a prominent figure in Juventus’ history. His situation reflects the shifting dynamics within the club and the direction it is taking under its new sporting director.

Juve FC Says

We have had a great time with Bonucci as one of our top players, but the defender has struggled recently and it does not make so much sense for him to stay when we know he would not play enough games.

This is not the best way to send him off, but sometimes we need to make ruthless decisions.