The breakaway attempt by the European Super League has taken victory in court over UEFA, after the institution had threatened to expel it’s competitors from their domestic divisions and European competitions recently.

Juventus chief Andrea Agnelli played a key role in setting up the competition, while Real Madrid president Florentino Perez is hailed as the head of the newly formed ESL, and while many of those who initially signed up for the competition backtracked, three stood firm.

Real, Barcelona and Juve all refused to back down, and firmly believed in their venture, and this win in court will have given them a huge boost in their efforts to create the new breakaway.

An official statement can be found on Juventus’s official website, including the following paragraph which claims the court has warned UEFA not to make any further threats to any of the teams included, as well as removing the penalties which were bestowed upon the nine clubs who already agreed to back out of the new organisation.

The statement also warns that European Court of Justice in Luxembourg will assess the controlling stake that UEFA has over European football, which could well give strength to the ESL’s bid to create a breakaway competition in the near future.