A significant silence has enveloped the relationship between Juventus and Paul Pogba since reports surfaced concerning the midfielder’s alleged failed drug test. The situation has cast a shadow of uncertainty over their association.

It is reported that Pogba had submitted information regarding a substance he had taken, which may have contained a banned substance. Juventus, it seems, was not informed or cleared by the club regarding his use of this substance.

In the face of this situation, Juventus appears to be preparing for the worst while still holding out hope for a more favourable outcome. Pogba has taken the step of requesting a counter-analysis, which is scheduled to take place next month. During this period of uncertainty, Juventus is exploring options to secure midfield replacements.

The rift between the Frenchman and the club has reached an all-time low, with a report from Tuttomercatoweb revealing that the most recent contact between the two parties occurred when Pogba submitted information regarding the substance he had taken. This took place over a week ago, and since then, there has been a notable absence of communication between both parties in any form.

Juve FC Says

The silence between the midfielder and the club shows the Bianconeri are tired of the drama and negativity he carries with him.

Pogba is no longer a player we can rely on for good performances and he may have played his last game for the team if he is eventually banned.