Juventus and Cristiano Ronaldo continue to fight over the payments the Portuguese star claims they owe him in deferred wages.

Ronaldo was with Juve between 2018 and 2021, during which he scored over 100 goals for them.

However, before he left, there were cracks in the relationship between him and the Bianconeri. After his departure, he asked the club to pay his outstanding wages.

Juve’s new board, which took over after his departure, claimed they knew nothing about an under-the-table agreement he had with the previous board.

Ronaldo claims Juve owes him 20 million euros, but the club insists they do not, leading both parties to go to court.

The court ruled that Juve should pay him half that amount, plus accrued interest, totalling 12 million euros.

However, the Bianconeri are not satisfied with that verdict, and a report on Tuttojuve has provided a new update on the legal battle.

The report claims Ronaldo wants the full payment, but Juve asserts that they have already made some payments to him and insist they do not owe the Portuguese attacker any more money.

Juve FC Says

This Juventus-Ronaldo battle might take a long time to resolve, and it is far from being the most important problem that we have now.

We need to end this season and focus on preparing for the new one under our next manager.