The coronavirus infection rate is still soaring in most European countries and Italy isn’t exempted.

After being arguably the worst-hit country on the continent when the virus first broke out last year, Italy is careful to avoid another national lockdown.

The country is now looking to open some spaces to only individuals who have been vaccinated against the virus.

Previously, an individual can enter the stadiums to physically watch matches if they have tested negative for covid-19 a few hours before the game and have a Green Pass.

However, Corriere Della Sera via Calciomercato predicts the Italian government would no longer accept that.

The report claims fans can expect a new decree that would make visiting public places like stadiums open to only those who have been vaccinated.

It claims the Green Pass would now be upgraded to the Super Green Pass.

Juve FC Says

Halting the Serie A season again like the 2019/2020 campaign would simply be terrible to both Italian football fans and clubs.

Most clubs are still recovering from the loss of revenue because of a lack of fans in the stands last season.

Their reliance on gate fees means a reduced crowd would affect their finances, but it is better to curtail the virus now before it leads to a full lockdown and suspension of the league season.