The Advocate General of the European Court of Justice will deliver the first verdict on the European Super League in just 10 days, according to a report on Tuttomercatoweb.

The Super League has taken UEFA to court in a bid to break its monopoly on football on the continent and they hope for a swift win.

While the main verdict will come next year, the report says AG Athanasios Rantos’ decision might not be binding, but in most cases, the court accepts his assessment, which is what the Super League clubs are hoping to achieve.

Juve, Barcelona and Real Madrid are pinning their hopes on his decision and he has had more than enough time to consider the position of both parties.

Juve FC Says

Taking UEFA to court is a good step and it shows the Super League proponents truly believe in their idea. However, they will now hope it is also considered good for the continent by the AG.

If the courts allow them to create a competing product for UEFA’s Champions League, they might struggle to get fans to accept it.

As long as our club supports it, we have to stand behind them and hope they are making a decision that will benefit us now and in the long term.