Juventus, Barcelona and Real Madrid are the clubs who still believe in the viability and legitimacy of the European Super League.

12 clubs originally agreed to join the breakaway competition, but the other 9 pulled out after 48 hours following protests from their fans.

Juve, Barca and Madrid were the key protagonists of the idea and they have remained keen on its success.

UEFA is fighting back and they have the support of many governments, football bodies and fans.

This makes it an uphill task for the supporters of the idea, but the Super League is not going away anytime soon.

A report on Corriere Dello Sport says the protagonists are enlisting the help of more experts and their latest appointment is a new CEO, a German called Bernd Reichart.

He will oversee the return of the competition and ensure it wins the current court case between it and UEFA.

Juve FC Says

Andrea Agnelli has lost too much to give up on the Super League idea now, which is why he keeps fighting.

As his club, we support his efforts to break UEFA’s monopoly, but realistically, this idea will struggle to survive in a period like this.

Success in the court will help, but they need the fans on their side to successfully float a new competition.