In a brilliant initiative organized by the municipality of Piscina, Juventus and Torino unitedly paid tributes to the victims of two separate tragic events.

According to Tuttosport, children from the two clubs’ youth sectors shared the pitch in an event that commemorated two tragedies that marked the history of Italian football.

On the 4th of May 1949, the Superga air disaster ended the lives of 31 persons, including the members of the greatest squad in Torino’s history. That group dominated Italian football at the time.

As for the Heysel disaster, it occurred on the 29th of May 1985. Juventus won their first European Cup on that day at Liverpool’s expense, but it turned out to be a miserable memory for the club, as 39 Bianconeri supporters lost their lives due to crowd trouble before the kickoff.

To make matters even worse, some supporters from both clubs (and others as well) have used these tragic incidents for taunt and banter in the past.

But as the report explains, both sections of fans have been recently displaying a higher sense of awareness. For instance, Juventus fans paid tribute to the Superga victims in a banner displayed at a Derby clash against Torino in 2019.

Therefore, it’s always pleasing to see positive gestures and initiatives being made on this front, urging fans to maintain a sporting rivalry while avoiding unnecessary insults, especially ones that involve sensitive topics.