Juventus are ‘best equipped team’ but play as if ‘confused’

September 24, 2021 - 8:31 pm

Antonio Cassano has claimed that Juventus have the best team but they play badly, describing our win over Spezia as lucky.

The Old Lady finally won their first league game of the season when overcoming La Aquile in midweek, but find ourselves 10 points behind those at the top of the table at this early point in the term.

There is plenty of time to turn things around of course, but watching the team, there is little to persuade us that this is going to be a season where we will return as champions.

Cassano insists that Juve were lucky to claim all three points with Spezia, before describing us as confused and lacking character.

“Juventus played an obscene match,” Cassano told BoboTV. “Spezia put Juventus under pressure, if they had made it 3-1, it would have ended the game and they’re a team worth 50 times less compared to Allegri’s men.

“They scored the goals because of two or three players that Allegri doesn’t see but continues to struggle, he gives me the impression of being in confusion.

“I don’t understand how Juve play, it worries me a lot. They won, but will struggle to finish among the top four if they continue like this.

“They are the best equipped team and today they are 10 points behind, they play badly, they are passive, they suffer a lot despite always being behind the ball.

“There are no ideas, they lack personality. Before there were the champions who won games with one play: [Cristiano] Ronaldo scored 100 goals in three years, [Gonzalo] Higuain scored a lot, [Paulo] Dybala did great things.

“Now, they are a confused team, a mess, and luckily they won against Spezia.”

I wish I could disagree with the former Italy forward. Juventus are playing within themselves, with very few players showing the fight that you would expect with the team struggling at present.

We always look like conceding, we are creating limited chances at the other end, and I’m struggling to see how this all clicks in the meantime.

I know Cassano is never our biggest fan, but I fear he could be right at present.


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