The Bianconeri beat Sampdoria 1-0 to secure a 33rd title, their 4th in a row.

Speaking after the game, the players were naturally overjoyed by the victory:


Gianluigi Buffon

“We were allowed 10 minutes to celebrate! The thought of Real Madrid has been hovering through our minds for a while, but the joy was inevitable.

“We have to keep our heads and hearts on the Champions League semi-final to not have any regrets.

“In a way the others gave us a helping hand, as last season it was a much closer race to the end, one that did not allow us to make any slip-ups.

“This time towards the end we dropped points, which was somewhat inevitable in a campaign with so many fixtures and responsibilities.

“This Scudetto has a special flavour for me and shows the spirit of sacrifice, the hunger and ambition of a group that in my view has no equal.

“When the Coach changed many – including us! – wondered what effect it would have, but we banded together.

“When you believe or even know that you are the strongest team, it’s important to beat potential apathy or complacency. A series of victories are great, but every now and then we need a slap to wake us up.”


Andrea Pirlo

“It was our objective since the start of the season and we gave it our all.

“We did everything to get here and we did it four rounds early, so we are happy.

“The secret to this title was the same attitude that characterised Juventus over these last four years, refusing to give in, trying to reach higher and higher targets.”

He was part of a viral campaign titled ‘Pirlo is not impressed,’ but is he impressed by this title?

“I am relaxed, but we’re already looking towards Tuesday’s game,” he smiled.


Andrea Barzagli

It was very difficult to predict four years of success, but after the new Juventus Stadium was inaugurated, something clicked that made us become great and allowed us to write a piece of history.

“I had many doubts about my fitness levels when I came back. In the first game against Palermo, I was fairly timorous.

“In this long period of inactivity, I did well to always keep focused and concentrated. I thought that I’d have a more drastic dip in form, to be honest, but the team helped me a lot.”

Now Barzagli is waiting to know if he’ll start against Real Madrid, as Max Allegri is expected to use a four-man defence.

“I think the Coach is happy to have so many defenders at his disposal and he makes the choices. We are concentrated on the game and obviously everyone wants to play, but at the end of the day the group is the most important thing.”


Giorgio Chiellini

“For various reasons we can’t celebrate the way we did on other occasions, because the importance of Tuesday’s game is undeniable.

“This Scudetto was earned a while back and I think the final step was beating Lazio. We were waiting for it to become mathematically impossible to catch us, but we still want to play a great last month.”

“As the years go by you are losing hair and pace, but gaining in other areas,” he laughed. “I lost something in physical terms, but learned to think more and I think I’m in my football prime.

“The whole team worked hard, sweated for the result and suffered. I hope to be an emblem of those characteristics.”