Italian journalist Massimo Pavan has claimed that Juventus would be right to think of selling Ronaldo, and names Erling Haaland as the man to replace him.

The Portuguese’s future has come under the spotlight in recent weeks, after his side were eliminated from the Champions League and with the club currently trailing in the division, and Real Madrid are amongst the names linked with his potential capture.

It remains to be seen whether the club will consider his exit however, with just over 12 months remaining on his current contract, but Massimo Pavan believes they would be right to.

Pavan told TuttoJuve: “Right to think of a post Ronaldo, but only on one condition, take a suitable player, without Ronaldo you have to take a champion, Real have taken Mariano Diaz and Hazard and have failed, in short, if Ronaldo goes away Should you focus on a top, a name? Too simple, even if young, I would focus on Haaland”.

While Ronaldo has scored over 40% of the clubs goals this season, one would argue that his departure would cut Juve deep, but the fact is that without him the goals would be more spread out.

The Portuguese is our main penalty taker, scoring eight of his nine penalties this term, and he is also our main free-kick taker despite not scoring a single free-kick for Juve this season.

You would hope that the team would share out the responsibilities more equally in his absence, but should Haaland come in, he may well have his own ideas also.

Should Juve consider Ronaldo’s exit?