Juventus has commenced the sale of season tickets for the 2023/24 season as the club looks to move forward from a challenging previous season. Despite their struggles, Juventus remains one of the biggest clubs in European football with a dedicated fan base that continues to support them.

Fans of Juventus are known for their unwavering loyalty and are willing to invest in season tickets, even during periods when the team does not meet their expectations. According to a report from Il Bianconero, the club has now reopened the sale of tickets for the upcoming campaign, which will likely consist of 19 domestic league matches.

There are two ticket categories available, with one priced at approximately 30 euros per game and the other at 27.8 euros per game. Despite occasional disappointments in terms of performance, fans are expected to continue patronising the club by purchasing these season tickets, demonstrating their enduring support.

Juve FC Says

Juve needs funds more than ever after missing out on the Champions League and the sale of season tickets will help us to raise some.

The fans have been very supportive in the stands and we expect them to come out en masse to buy some tickets and show support to the boys in the next campaign.

The club must also strengthen the group with players who will make it perform better than the last campaign.