Juventus has released a statement revealing they are confident they will be able to prove they have done nothing wrong in the courts after being accused of inflating the value of players.

The Bianconeri are being investigated in a capital gains case, and prosecutors believe they have falsified their books, which could put them in trouble.

However, Juve has continued to maintain that it has done nothing wrong and the Bianconeri feel they can prove it in the courts.

They have now released a statement and insist the reopening of the case will allow them to prove they are innocent.

A club statement reads via Football Italia:

“Pursuant to the decision, the Federal Court of Appeals had rejected the appeal (“reclamo”) brought by the Federal Prosecutor’s Office against the decision of the National Federal Court, which, in turn, had acquitted Juventus and the other parties charged because of the lack of any disciplinary offence with regard to the evaluation of the effects of certain transfers of players’ rights on financial statements and the accounting of capital gains.

“The Company will articulate its defenses within the terms provided by the Code, trusting that it will be able to further demonstrate the correctness of its actions, the absence of new elements relevant to the judgment with respect to the decision of the Federal Court of Appeals, and the lack of the prerequisites of the proposed appeal.”

Juve FC Says

We have maintained our innocence throughout this case and fans can be confident they will prove they have done nothing wrong.

We trust the club and must focus on supporting the players on the pitch as they seek to ensure they remain one of the best in the league in the second half of the season.