Alessandro Del Piero has accused Cristiano Ronaldo of betraying Juventus after their exit from the Champions League last night.

The Bianconeri has ended yet another European campaign without the coveted trophy.

Even more embarrassingly, they were eliminated by one of the smallest teams left in the competition, just like last season.

They signed Ronaldo in 2018 to help them end their wait for the trophy after he won it on multiple occasions with Real Madrid.

But he has struggled to get them to the semifinals since he has been in Turin and he was singled out for the performance yesterday.

Juventus had the luxury of playing against the Portuguese side with a one-man advantage for about an hour, yet they allowed them to score again in extra time.

Del Piero agrees that Ronaldo let the club down, but he claims it wasn’t just the attacker who was at fault for the poor performance.

He told Sky Sports via Calcimercato: “Juventus betrayed by Cristiano Ronaldo? Yes, but not only. The Portuguese has his responsibility because he is the leader of this team but not only him. Juventus played for more than an hour with one more man and in this time they could create more and they could do it because Porto has always been waiting for them.”