Juventus has been accused of signing a secret agreement to pay some outstanding wages to Cristiano Ronaldo outside their budget and it is causing them some problems now.

The Bianconeri are fighting on several fronts because of these agreements and it could see them get fined heavily if proven guilty.

When they signed Ronaldo in 2018 most fans were shocked by how they raised the transfer fee and his wages, but they were soon exposed.

When covid-19 struck, it was obvious it will be a problem to pay him and they agreed to make payments outside their budget, which is illegal.

They are supposed to pay the ex-Manchester United man at least 20m euros, but their CEO Maurizio Arrivabene insists they owe him no money.

He said via Football Italia:

“To the best of my knowledge we have no debts with Ronaldo.”

Juve FC Says

The club has maintained it has done nothing wrong, so we do not expect the CEO to have a different opinion or information.

The prosecutors will have a hard time proving this case if the Bianconeri insist they have always done the right thing.

We expect them to maintain the same stance throughout the trial and the prosecutors must find ways to prove them guilty, which will be hard.