In the last couple of days, Ciro Santoriello (one of the prosecutors investigating in the Prisma case) stirred major controversy following the resurface of old statements where he had proclaimed his love for Napoli and his hatred towards Juventus.

Undoubtedly, this revelation from 2019 didn’t sit well with Bianconeri fans who are already at odds with the Italian justice system following the 15-point deduction in the capital gains trial, while all other clubs escaped unscathed.

Prior to last night’s encounter against Salernitana, Juventus Chief Football Officer Francesco Calvo spoke the press, and opted to tackle the topic from an interesting angle.

The newly-promoted Bianconeri official appeared to be defending the under-fire prosecutor at first, only to aim a witty dig towards those who are punishing Juventus for reminiscent out-of-context statements (in a reference to phone transcripts which were used as damning evidence against the club and some of its former directors).

“I think some extrapolated sentences can suggest a different meaning from what was intended,” said Calvo as reported by la Gazzetta dello Sport.

“This applies to Juventus and all the people involved in the investigations and also for this case [Santoriello’s comments].

“At Juventus, we’re always respectful towards others, but we demand the same.

“After each step, we issued a press release. We consider the sentence unjustified and illogical.

“We will continue to defend ourselves in every venue, with all due respect for the opposition.”