Juventus are believed to be closing in on a new deal for Juan Cuadrado, a player who has been important for us in recent years.

The 33 year-old is regularly amongst the better players on the pitch despite his aging years and is expected to be rewarded for those displays with a new deal.

Cuadrado is currently into the final months of his playing deal in Turin, but is now expected to sign a new two-year deal, or one year deal with a one year option, CultOfCalcio cites CalcioMercato as stating.

It will be very tough to replace a player like Cuadrado, who has the legs to be playing at both full-back and as the winger in the same match, with the legs of a young man. He’s an incredible professional to keep his body in such top shape, and he is fully deserving of a new deal.

The issue with a two-year deal would be the fact that age has to catch up with him at some point, and one injury could well bring that on rapidly, but if the choice was to let him leave or give him two more years, it would be a no-brainer for me.

Does anyone not believe that Cuadrado deserves a two-year extension?