Max Allegri, Juventus’ manager, has found himself in the crossfire of criticism despite being hailed as a tactical genius, with comparisons drawn to Emperor Napoleon.

Despite Allegri’s undeniable success as one of the consistently accomplished managers in Italy, his return to Juventus hasn’t replicated the triumphs of his initial tenure with the club. The team has grappled with a crisis since his return, yet they’ve managed to stay competitive, currently standing as one of the top clubs in the country, with only Inter Milan leading them in the league table.

The challenges Allegri has navigated, including the departures of players like Nicolo Fagioli and Paul Pogba, are often overlooked amid the critiques of his style of play and perceived lack of success. Despite these hurdles, Juventus has made significant progress against all odds.

In a metaphorical comparison, Daily Mail’s Alvise Cagnazzo likens Allegri to Napoleon, emphasising the strategic prowess and resilience displayed by the manager in the face of adversity.

He writes:

‘Massimiliano Allegri is like Napoleon. But what similarities are there between the greatest military strategist of all time and the Tuscan coach? 

‘Despite having lost Paul Pogba and Nicolo Fagioli, Allegri’s tactical genius has seen him nullify opposition teams to go second in the league. After 15 matches, Juventus now have 36 points, having won 11, secured three draws and have only suffered one defeat.

‘Allegri is an Emperor who loves to smile and provoke his opponents, and in Napoleonic spirit, rises above the criticism that is regularly put to him in press conferences.’

Juve FC Says

Allegri does not get the credit he deserves and the Bianconeri gaffer does deserve a lot.

However, because he is managing a big club and his previous spell was very successful, he will be judged on a higher scale always.