Juventus director Beppe Marotta has confirmed Dani Alves is leaving the club by mutal consent.

“It’s not a breakdown of our rapport, as motivation is fundamental for a player,” Marotta told Mediaset Premium.

“Dani Alves told us he wants to try an alternative experience, so we will terminate the contract by mutual consent and wish him all the best.

“Of course there is disappointment at what he said, but we confirm there was no split.

“Alex Sandro ? A substantial offer has arrived.

“We have no intention of selling anyone, but if a player decides to leave, as has happened in previous years, then at the end of the day he has to go, because we don’t keep anyone against their will.

“But at the moment there are no such situations and I hope nobody will leave.”

FIFA have announced an investigation into the Paul Pogba transfer but Marotta insists everything was completed above board.

“It was a transfer with very high numbers, so it’s only natural there was an investigation. We acted in full respect of the rules, replied to the FIFA questions and are confident there will be no disciplinary action.

“We have a squad that reached the Champions League Final, so being able to confirm them en mass would be an achievement in itself.

“We want to confirm this squad and then obviously will be on alert to what could happen. The market is getting into full swing and we will be more concrete over the next few weeks, but the priority right now is to keep the side that reached Cardiff.

“Donnarumma? You are the ones who have been giving a daily update on what is happening between agent, player and Milan. If these are the rules, then we have to take them into consideration.

“I can only say that we have taken what has happened into account.”

“Bonucci? It was a normal motivational speech in a Champions League Final. It wasn’t any more fiery than on other occasions. In any case, it was (Max) Allegri who dictated the themes and gave indications for the second half.”