Juventus will make the most of this World Cup and winter break to prepare for the second half of this season.

The Bianconeri have recovered from a terrible start to this term to win six straight matches before the break.

They have now hit top form at the right time and they will hope their players will remain in shape when they return from the World Cup.

As club football pauses for the international competition, Inter Milan will be at a training camp in Malta before the January restart.

A report on Il Bianconero reveals they could play a friendly game with Juventus in December.

The report claims the Bianconeri have still not accepted the proposal yet, but it is an idea being pitched to both clubs.

Juve FC Says

Inter is one of the biggest clubs in Italy and it will be a tough test to face them, which means we will be preparing well for the restart.

However, we haven’t faced each other for the second time this season and it could mean giving away how we will play if we face them.

The club will decide if it makes sense. If it doesn’t, there are other clubs around Europe we can play against.