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Juventus contact Manchester United for Darmian

February 21, 2018 - 8:27 am

Matteo Darmian could leave Manchester United in the summer and Juventus are ready to make a bid for the player.

With Stephan Lichtsteiner set to leave Turin after seven years at Juventus, the Bianconeri are looking to the future with Darmian being one of their targets for the summer.

The 28-year-old full-back has spent much of the season on the bench at Manchester United making only a handful of appearances.

According to Goal Italia journalist Romeo Agresti, both Roma and Napoli have attempted to sign Darmain but Juventus could be the team that sign him in the summer.

There are still question marks over the the entire cost of the transfer, but Juventus have made initial contacts for the player and are sounding out United over a potential deal.

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  • Avatar
    ho Hi February 21, 2018 at 9:32 am

    @tgp thats a great move.
    Spinanzzola was that correct written?

    Juve is getting more and more what Fc Bayern tries to be for decades.

    • thegutterpoet
      thegutterpoet February 21, 2018 at 11:49 am

      I suppose De Sciglio deserves more time. And he will get it. Though I have been deflated by his lack of confidence or value going forward. A solid defender, but little else presently. Darmian is much more swashbuckling. I’d be happy to see him come in and have more confidence in his defensive ability than Spinazzola, who many got very excited about last summer yet I am thankful we didnt sign him and lose Asamoah. With Sandro’s poor form it would have been wretched to have a backup LB who cant defend.

      • Avatar
        ho Hi February 21, 2018 at 12:03 pm

        Wonder about your words on
        I think he can improve.

        And Asamoah is still gold. Really like his attitude.
        Should be play in Tot in two weeks.


  • Avatar
    Donvincenzo February 21, 2018 at 2:50 pm

    I think this year and the next are definitely rebuilding years. This summer it will be greatly important to reestablish a defensively powerful side. Darmian is definitely a more experienced and more quality player than De Sciglio, although still has his inconsistencies. I’ve also see rumors of going after Florenzi, who I’d prefer to all the former. I’d also prefer any of these three listed over Spinazzola, who’s one season of good (and nothing more) play doesn’t give him a strong spot in our side. Asamoah is also a greater wingback, and even winger, than Spinazzola — although, I would still like him on the team in an assurance role, similar to Sturaro.

    We also have Caldara coming in, which will be HUGE if he’s able to slot in and adapt quickly — also if Max has confidence in him, unlike he does Rugani. As Juve fans, we’ve been spoiled for so long with the BBC, and I think the RRC (Rugani, Romagnoli, Caldara) are the evident heirs — which leaves us one player to grab. Although not as impressive as I’d like him to be, I think Romagnoli has potential, and would prefer to see him on the squad sheet than Benatia — if not next season, then the one after (also when Barzagli will retire).

    Finally, I’m curious who y’all think would fit in our much needed CDM role? I believe we should off-load Sami this summer to make more room on the squad. Possibly Sturaro as well (as I prefer Bentancur and Spinazzola). Can Emre Can fill that role? Should we call back Mandragora? Lure a player like Dembele or Verratti? Or is there someone else that would slot in nicely, and should become a transfer priority? Lemme hear your thoughts, cause personally I’m unsure of the best way to solve this issue.

    • Avatar
      Dar Black February 21, 2018 at 9:18 pm

      Sami gone, yes please lord make that happen. We have suffered enough already. But Emre Can is not Juve quality. Bring back Mandragora if he is still playing to a good standard. Sturaro can go too. Save any money for a world class midfielder. Someone who can drive us forward. We are a bit pedestrian through the middle. If Claudio M can get back to best then we can save our money for another day. Bentacur looks the real deal.

    • thegutterpoet
      thegutterpoet February 21, 2018 at 10:14 pm

      It is pleasing to see some others with a similar view on SPinazzola to myself. It might have been a case of many of our fans watching Atalanta regularly, but I couldnt help but sense and cringe at a social media frenzy of people picking up the name then championing him as a future star of Juve, when for me, from what I had seen, he had a decent time in a much much weaker squad, playing as a wide midfielder, with nowhere near the defensive duty as would be required as a LB at Juve, and with nowhere near the consistency of even Mandzukic.

      I have been a steady voice of satisfaction that Asamoah stayed and Spinazzola did not appear – also despised the manner in which Leonardo tried to force the move through, very unbecoming of a player keen to play in black and white.

      Yes la bestia aka Signore Caldara has looked a monstrous signing for a fair while now. I hope he is not brought in as understudy to Chiellini, with Rugani forced to stay understudy to Benatia. I’d rather see the kids play together and forge a partnership.

      Mandragora is arguably performing the most consistently and strongly of all our loaned players. his form for Crotone has been superb and he is a major reason as why they have any chance of avoiding the drop. he plays in a position we presently do not have in our own system, namely a proper DM/regista role. So presently, I would be a little worried – were Max still in charge – that we would see him shoehorned into another role, and his career trajectory truncated.

      The experiments with Sturaro have set him back years and I do not wish to see the same happen to another youngster with potential though Rolando is clearly much more technically gifted, also well experienced at international level and holding his own in a very weak side in the top flight.

      I am very keen on his return.

      Sami should have left last Summer, probably Sturaro also. Bentancur needs to be played in the right system as a mezz’ala with solid players around him yet Matuidi now has that position on the LCM and Sami the right, so will he play consistently? probably not, and stop start outings give a kid no chance to bed in and blossom. It will be hard to get into the first XI without one of them injured for a fair while. More concerning to me is the story of marchisio who actually seems behind both those players in the pecking order…which is insane, or the sign that his body is not right and will not ever be right enough for top level football OR Max has frozen him out.

      Marchiso remains, to my knowledge and opinion, the most complete midfielder in our squad. one of the most complete in Europe. Why the hell we have not reintegrated him into the first XI since returning from his latest injury is a burning question and one which to answer leads me to Max more than Claudio’s fitness. he is the perfect player (in our squad) to provide the steady guardianship and foundation at DM. he can tackle, screen, create, surge forward and has an exceptional footballing intelligence. he is much quicker than Sami, in fact I find him superior to Sami in all but bulk, which isnt that useful anyway in the modern game.

      Verratti would be interesting but madly expensive and yet I assume we will be priced out of any deal for Savic – who is the most obvious fit for our DM/CM gaping hole. Surely there are others elsewhere to be scouted and plucked from obscurity. This is where the scouts earn their money…Have the days of picking up a Zidane for 3m as a relative unknown truly finished…

      Can has done little to impress in England. He is well thought of in the game and seems a step up, in age and potential, from Sami, especially for free ,but as a potential world class player…I have seen nothing to suggest this. Still, Klopp, Low and many others rate him highly. he is not a bad player. Nor is he an obvious answer to the DM issue which myself and others see as one of the clearest problems we have as a team. Which was made worse by the departure of Big Leo. There is no sturdy fulcrum at DM now…no player to put his foot on the ball, connect defence and attack swiftly and step out to thwart onrushing waves of opponents then pick out a pass. he did all of this very well indeed. Marchisio can do a great job there also.

      Ideally, we would change shape, il principino would be IN the starting XO at DM. Chuck Matuidi in there also with Pjanic, and there is our more robust midfield with Pjanic able to find space and do little of the dirty work.

      And next season Rolando comes in as our apprentice DM to share the role with Marchisio. i would also be happy to see Marchisio play in the Matuidi CML role…

      Most importantly, Sami needs to leave…regretfully, I feel Sturaro also needs to leave. he will not receive the playing time needed to regain his confidence and focus as a box to box midfielder in this squad.

      • Avatar
        Donvincenzo February 21, 2018 at 11:19 pm

        Completely agreed man. Next to our beloved Gigi, Marchisio is the pride and joy of Juve. I’d prefer to see a Marchisio that’s at 75% health, than I would Khedira or Sturaro — granted it doesn’t result in further injury. It pains me to see him so far down in the order.

        I’ve thought of the midfield in the same way. I think a 4321, where Pjanic is able to move forward while Marchisio defends, and Matuidi fills that space between. I also like Douglas and Dybala behind Higuain. And although one of my favorite players — for his grit, personality, and determination — I can’t see Mandzukic getting much more playing time, should the formation change. In fact, as much as I love him, with Dybala back, Mario shouldn’t really be starting as Douglas the is better choice (imo).

        Unfortunately because I live in the US and attend school full time, I have very little opportunity to see games, especially those of lesser teams. So I know very little about Mandragora- but it’s great to hear only positive things.