Juventus has faced some financial problems and controversies in recent weeks as they continue to assure fans they have done nothing illegal.

The club’s previous board of directors all resigned, and a new one has just been formed, with fans hoping they will invest in the team and make it even better.

Juve must clear its name with prosecutors eventually. Nevertheless, they seem to be doing well financially against all odds.

A report on Calciomercato reveals the Bianconeri continue to make gains on the stock exchange in Milan, despite their financial and legal problems.

The report claims Juve earned a 2.99% increase today at noon to keep them positive on the market.

Juve FC Says

We are one of the biggest clubs in the world, and we survived the Calciopoli of a few years ago. We could survive anything.

Prosecutors are firm in their belief we have done the wrong thing, but the truth remains we have not been proven guilty yet, so we remain a clean club.

Thankfully, Serie A will resume soon, and our players can quickly get back on the field and give us something better to think and talk about as we work hard to end this season with at least one trophy.