Juventus is in trouble with authorities in Turin who suspect they have engaged in illegal capital gains and have paid their players secretly.

UEFA is also opening an independent investigation into them to see if they have broken any law binding European clubs, which means the Bianconeri could be in serious trouble.

A report on Football Italia reveals UEFA is investigating them separately because they cannot wait for the Italian prosecutors to conclude their own investigation.

At the moment, the Bianconeri risk receiving a huge fine from the European governing body, however, the same report states that a ban from European competitions cannot be ruled out.

Juve FC Says

We have done nothing that will warrant us getting kicked out of the European competitions.

We remain one of the top clubs on the continent and UEFA will probably target us because of our continued involvement in the European Super League.

We remain one of the best sides on the continent and believe we have done nothing wrong, so there is really no risk of us getting kicked out of Europe.

Hopefully, these battles will be over soon and we can focus more on winning football matches and some trophies for our cabinet.

That is one thing we owe the fans and this season is shaping up to end in success.