Like most Italian players, Federico Gatti admits he dreams about playing for the Italy national team.

The defender is in top shape at the moment and has become a regular for Juventus in Serie A.

Gatti has played for Italy in a game before now but has not been called up in the latest windows.

The defender hopes that changes and admits he shares the same desire to play for his country as most Italian players, but for now, he is more focused on helping Juventus.

He says via Football Italia:

“Well, I always dream of every kid and the national team representing your country is the best thing there is but it’s still far away.

“Now I want to put all my energy into Juventus. We have an all too important season finale that can change the future, it can really change everything.” 

Juve FC Says

Gatti has been a key player and has shown he has the talent to thrive for us, which is great.

If he maintains his upward trajectory, he will soon become one of Italy’s key defenders.

We need him to stay in form for the rest of this season as we chase a very good end to the campaign.