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Juventus demand silverware as Allegri’s future hangs in the balance

February 19, 2023 - 1:00 pm

Last season, Juventus failed to collect silverware for the first time in more than a decade. Nonetheless, Max Allegri maintained his seat in the dugout despite the disappointing campaign.

But according to la Gazzetta dello Sport via JuventusNews24, the management won’t tolerate a similar outcome, demanding at least one trophy by the end of the season.

With the Scudetto title completely out of the reach for obvious reasons, Coppa Italia remains the Old Lady’s most concrete path towards the podium. Therefore, the double-header against Inter in the semi-final could be crucial for the manager’s future in Turin.

Moreover, the Bianconeri are still competing in Europe, but their Europa League debut against Nantes was hardly inspiring, raising further doubts over the club’s ability to go far in the competition.

Juve FC say

Amidst all the troubles surrounding the club, a trophy would certainly raise the morale at Continassa, but is it a fair objective at this point, considering what the players and their manager went through this season?

Regardless, if Juventus can find themselves a better alternative for Allegri then they should certainly entertain the idea. After all, the Livorno native hasn’t exactly covered himself in glory following his return to Turin.

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  • Avatar
    martinn February 19, 2023 at 1:24 pm

    Yeah let’s let them of the hook of winning anything because of creative book keeping and the punishment … Because they have suffered? Do the fans come last now? Erm what had allegri gone through? He’s had toxic childish meltdowns, openly gaslight us all complaining about his own approach and tactics that players follow not working, and cruised along earning millions for being incompetent. Fine, refund everyone of their ticket money and compensate us for our time wasted, then it won’t matter. Whisky tango foxtrot. Imagine the actual last thing they could win apart from just survival is good enough. These are the standard you have accepted brand fans who love (insert manager) and will never criticise the brand. Arsenal of Italy in fact worse because even Arsenal at the tail end of Wenger would have beaten Nantes comfortably and not needed an excuse. Lool #BanterEra

  • Avatar
    Mikkel Scherfig February 19, 2023 at 10:00 pm

    Allegri and silverware? No way. He’s slow and defensive.