Juventus director Maurizio Scanavino admits the outcome of their appeal to get the 15-point deduction reversed is a big deal.

Juventus has been plunged into a serious crisis after being docked 15 points for their use of capital gains.

It is a decision that has cost them a place inside the top four, even though the team should be second on the league table now.

Max Allegri’s men also have to sort out the future of some key players, but without Champions League football, it will be hard for them to give these men new deals and they will also struggle to keep some top earners.

The club expects a decision on their appeal on April 19 and Scanavino admits a lot is at stake.

He said via Football Italia:

“We’ll wait and see what happens starting from April 19. Hopefully it can all be resolved in the best possible way.

“We are working towards next season, but first need to wait and see what happens in April, where there are many important appointments. The first is on April 19, then we will play the Europa League and Coppa Italia.

“We have faith, we are waiting to see what the verdicts are and cannot say more than that.”

Juve FC Says

Losing 15 points is such a big deal it could easily relegate some clubs automatically from the top flight.

However, we continue to fight and still have a chance of making the top four.

The players have been fabulous and we hope they can continue to win and ignore the noise from outside.