Although Juventus were acquitted in the sporting trial earlier this year, a criminal investigation is still undergoing in the capital gains case.

The federal prosecutor suspects that the club has conducted some dodgy dealings in order to record artificial capital gains in unlawful manners – like registering inflated transfer values when buying players.

Furthermore, the club could also face trouble for allegedly hiding some of the wages paid for the players during the Covid-19 pandemic from balance sheets.

Additional evidences have been surfacing in the recent days as reported by Italian media outlets, with the latest being a notebook held by current sporting director Federico Cherubini.

According to La Repubblica via ilBianconero, Cherubini berated his predecessor Fabio Paratici for the way he conducted business, describing his plans as disastrous.

In his notebook, the current Juventus director reportedly mentions how Paratici acted unprofessionally, at times holding meetings in the sauna or at the barber shop.

The source also mentions how Cherubini chastised the current Tottenham director for his excessive use of artificial capital gains, which could be a damning evidence if true. He says that these tactics offer an immediate gain but have severe consequences in the long run.

Finally, Cherubini reportedly accuses Paratici of destroying a whole generation of players (perhaps referencing the sales of Moise Kean, Leandro Spinazzola and Emil Audero) while making senseless buys.