During the October international break, Juventus Director of Sport Cristiano Giuntoli appeared as a guest on the Festival dello Sport, discussing various matters while on stage.

During his appearance, the 51-year-old spoke about buying players who later turn out to be flops.

The former Napoli sporting director argued that signing new players is almost like dating, making a comment that was deemed inappropriate.

“When you sign a player it’s like dating a new girlfriend. You think she’s the right one, but when you put her in the house, it turns out that she’s not good. She doesn’t do the cooking, she doesn’t wash and doesn’t iron,” said Giuntoli.

Obviously, this comment didn’t sit well with many. Therefore, the Bianconeri official has offered an apology, admitting that this comparison was ill-advised.

“I certainly made an unfortunate comparison. I am sorry for this and I apologize to all the people who felt offended, men and women,” said the Juventus director as reported by ilBianconero.

“I believe that in a family we must always help each other and divide tasks equally. I often cook at home.”

Juve FC say

Giuntoli certainly didn’t mean to offend anyone in his comments, but in the current day and age, one must always make sure that his words and actions comply with political correctness standards to avoid unwanted backlash, especially for someone who represents a top European club.