Juventus’ non-participation in European competitions this season has affected their UEFA rankings, and they are close to being knocked out of the top 20.

Max Allegri’s men were banned from European competitions this season, even though they originally made the top four in Italy and have been playing just domestic football.

In their absence, AC Milan, Inter Milan, Lazio, and Napoli represented Serie A in the Champions League.

However, Juve remains one of the biggest clubs in the world and has qualified for the Club World Cup for 2025.

This shows their pedigree, but they are slipping out of the top 20 in the UEFA rankings, with a report on Tuttojuve revealing they ranked 18th in the latest UEFA standings.

The Bianconeri are working their way back and are expected to compete in the Champions League group stage from next season.

Juve FC Says

We have done well to remain inside the top 20 and this shows we were ranked really high before being banned from Europe.

Our league form suggests we will certainly be back in Europe next term and if we reach the latter stages of the Champions League, we will get a good chance to improve our UEFA rankings.