Juventus has been following Riccardo Calafiori for some time and believes he has developed well enough to play for their team.

The men in black and white have been watching the Bologna star for much of this campaign, and they have been impressed by his performance.

Juventus considers him a player who can improve their defence from next season, and the Bianconeri will be eager to ensure that they win the race for his signature.

However, they are struggling to meet Bologna’s €25 million demand and are looking to add some players to their bid.

Facing a challenge from Bayer Leverkusen, Juventus is prepared to send their January signing Tiago Djalo the other way as part of the payment for the deal.

However, a report on Calciomercato reveals that it is not easy for them because the Portuguese star’s salary is too high for Bologna to pay.

The Bianconeri must find a solution to that problem, and it might involve paying some of his wages if they insist on using him as a sweetener in the deal.

Juve FC Says

Calafiori is one of the best defenders in the league, so a 25m euro fee is more than fair.

If he was English or played in the Premier League, he would cost at least double that figure.