Juventus is expected back in Italy from the United States today, hours after playing against Real Madrid in the last preseason game of their American tour.

Real beat the Bianconeri 2-0, but Juve still have two more friendly games before the new season begins in Italy.

They would be against their unde23 team and Atletico Madrid. The match against the Spaniards would be played in Israel.

Tuttojuve claims they will board a plane and leave for Italy today to continue preparations for the new campaign closer to home

Juve wants to perfect their new plans for the year and it could also involve signing more players.

Juve FC Says

There is no point spending another day in the USA if we are done with our tour of the country.

We need to be in good shape for the next campaign and that means we must keep working hard.

Losing Paul Pogba to an injury is an enormous blow to Max Allegri, and it is big enough for the Juve boss to change his plans.

It remains unclear if the club will sign a replacement, but the likes of Dusan Vlahovic, who has just recovered from an injury to prepare for preseason will need more work to get in shape.