Juventus is facing the possibility of being banned from European competitions for two seasons as UEFA is set to conclude its investigation by the end of this month. The club is already excluded from the upcoming Champions League due to a ten-point deduction they received for their involvement in capital gains.

While Juventus has reached an agreement with the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) that spares them from further penalties, they rejected a deal offered by UEFA. The reason for their refusal is their unwillingness to withdraw from the controversial European Super League.

As a result, UEFA now has the authority to impose the harshest punishment legally permissible if their investigation finds Juventus guilty of serious wrongdoing. The club remains hopeful that such severe consequences will not be imposed upon them. However, pundit Giancarlo Padovan suggests that Juventus could potentially face a two-season absence from European competitions.

He says via Tuttojuve:

“According to me, UEFA will make Juventus pay for the Super League and ban them for two years”.

Juve FC Says

UEFA would want to use us as an example to other clubs that continue to support the Super League and we expect them to give us a brutal punishment.

However, expelling us from European competition for two seasons would be tough to take and we might struggle to stay financially afloat without the money coming from their competition.