Paul Pogba is awaiting the verdict on his punishment for failing a drug test in August, but at present, he remains a part of Juventus’ roster.

It is anticipated that he conducts himself in a manner that reflects his concern for the club; hence, his recent action has displeased Juventus’ fans.

During the Derby d’Italia against Inter Milan over the weekend, the midfielder was noticeably absent from the stands. It has since been disclosed that he chose to attend the Formula One Grand Prix in Abu Dhabi alongside Patrice Evra.

This decision has not been well-received by Juve fans, as reported by Football Italia. They expected Pogba to be present in the stands, cheering on the team during such a crucial game. Despite his suspension from playing, fans anticipated him to demonstrate support and solidarity with his teammates.

Juve FC Says

After suspending him without pay, we hardly have any justification to choose how Pogba should behave.

The midfielder is waiting for a ban and likely has played his final game on our books.

We cannot be distracted by whatever he is doing with his life at the moment; instead, we need to focus on supporting the available players and helping them achieve success.