One way that Juventus fans protested their teams’ 15-point deductions was to cancel their DAZN subscription in an effort to show how much power they have.

The Bianconeri are the biggest club in Italian football and also boast some of the wealthiest fans in the country.

This means their supporters probably have more economic power than most and can pay for more subscriptions for services like DAZN.

They will think if many of them cancel their subscription, the main Serie A media partners will lose a lot of money, but a new report reveals that did not happen.

A report on Calciomercato reveals just six thousand subscriptions were cancelled, which means less than half a million euros will be lost for a contract worth 840m euros.

Juve FC Says

Serie A does not make so much money in TV revenues and it makes no sense for us to cancel our subscription in protest.

There are better ways to do that because if we cancel, it would also affect our club’s revenue.

The Bianconeri have insisted they have done nothing wrong and we must trust them to prove themselves in court and get the 15-point deduction overturned so that our place on the league table gets better.