The imminent signing of Romelu Lukaku by Juventus has triggered a protest among the club’s fans, who are expressing their discontent with the move.

Lukaku’s prior altercation with the fans during a cup match against Inter Milan last season remains fresh in memory, making his potential acquisition by Juventus quite surprising.

Despite this history, Juventus views Lukaku as the perfect fit for Max Allegri’s 3-5-2 tactical setup and is resolute in finalising the transfer.

However, the enthusiasm for Lukaku’s arrival is not shared by some of the Juventus faithful, who have conveyed their sentiments through a visible statement. According to a report by Il Bianconero, fans have unveiled a banner at the South Curve section, bearing the message: “Lukaku stays in Milan, we already have the second goalkeeper.”

This reference harkens back to an incident where Lukaku, during a game, obstructed a teammate’s shot that was on target, drawing a parallel to his potential contribution as a player.

Juve FC Says

Fans are understandably not happy with the striker, but we need anyone who will make us win trophies.

Dusan Vlahovic has not been good enough and we cannot continue wasting time in trusting him to find his best form.

Lukaku has shown he has the pedigree needed to win trophies in Italy and will be a very good addition to our squad.