Maurizio Sarri, the manager of Lazio, faced some teasing from Juventus fans as his team went up against Juventus on Saturday. Sarri had previously served as the head coach of Juventus during the 2019/2020 season, helping them secure their last Serie A title.

Sarri is now in charge of Lazio and is working to build a competitive team, drawing from the experience that he has built up in his managerial career. While he likely had dreams of defeating Juventus, it did not materialise in this particular match, much to the delight of Juventus fans.

It’s common for fans to engage in friendly banter and teasing when a former coach or player faces their team in a competitive fixture, and this was no exception as Juventus supporters celebrated their team’s victory against Sarri’s Lazio.

A report on Calciomercato reveals the teased the Lazio gaffer singing:  

“Jump with us, Maurizio Sarri”.

Juve FC Says

We really enjoyed the performance against Lazio, which is why fans had the chance to taunt the opposing manager.

The team must keep improving and show smaller opponents the same respect they have accorded to Lazio.

That is the only way we can achieve success because every game counts and if you fail to respect an opponent they will show you their best quality.

We have some top players in our group and can be confident that they will do well for us every time on the pitch, but it is not enough to talk about winning, we must work hard for it all the time.