Juventus fans will have to choose between entertaining football or success under Allegri

October 19, 2021 - 2:29 pm

In football, what counts are trophies and Juventus’ fans have been treated to several of them under Massimiliano Allegri.

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Allegri won five Serie A titles for Juve in his first spell as manager and has been brought back because the club failed to match that achievement last season.

However, Juve’s football was hardly enjoyable under Allegri and that has been the case on his return.

After two years out of the game, it looked like he would set his team up to become more adventurous in this campaign.

A look at our first few games of the season could make one think he tried to become more attacking against being his normal pragmatic self.

But that backfired and the Bianconeri had a terrible start to the season, which included a humbling home loss to Empoli.

Max has returned to what he knows best and the results have gotten better for the Bianconeri.

After the last match against AS Roma, he said “I like 1-0, as it’s a good result, especially as we kept another clean sheet,”

He also insisted that “We have players more suited to counter-attacks, those are their characteristics, so when we try to play the ball, we either fall asleep or get irritable.”

These statements clearly show that Allegri is all about the result of a match and the Bianconeri is playing how they did when under the managers’ previous stint at the club.

Fans had been treated to a much more positive style of play under Maurizio Sarri and Andrea Pirlo, but they never really brought much success to the club in terms of trophies.

Juve parted company with Allegri because they wanted a more exciting and fashionable style of play, but they have brought him back because they want to remain the top club in Italy.

With the Livorno native, it would always be winning trophies over playing a football that catches the eye.

Now more than ever, the fans will have to get behind the team so they can get back to winning trophies under Allegri regardless of how unexciting the team plays.

Juve supporters may get bantered by the fans of other clubs because of the style of Juve’s play, but we almost will never get free-flowing exciting football from the team with Allegri as the manager.

I would choose to win trophies and remain the top club in Italy over playing beautiful football and every true Bianconero has to accept this as our new reality.

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    martinn October 19, 2021 at 2:30 pm

    i enjoy winning, no need to choose.