Juventus has run into legal troubles severally this season and has just been punished again.

The Bianconeri were docked 15 league points for their use of capital gains before now and they have appealed the decision.

They could suffer more punishment when the judgement on the Prisma investigation is out.

However, while waiting for that, the Bianconeri have now been given a minor punishment because of their fans.

A report on Tuttojuve reveals a sports judge has fined the black and white €3,000 for failing to control their fans.

It said in a game that Juve fans threw a firecracker to the field, affecting play.

It is unlikely that the club will appeal this decision, but we expect them to do more to control their fans.

Juve FC Says

Considering the other troubles we are facing, this is a minor problem to tackle.

Fan trouble affects every club and we will do our best to curtail ours, but it does not change the fact that it happens everywhere and we hope our fans will do better.

For now, we should focus on expecting our 15-point deduction to be reversed so that we will be in a good spot on the league table.