Juventus has been fined €718000 as a result of their salary manoeuvre case after reaching a plea bargain agreement and voluntarily waiving their right to appeal, reports Tuttojuve.

The club had previously faced concerns of severe repercussions when they were deducted ten league points for their utilisation of capital gains.

The fans of the Bianconeri have eagerly awaited the resolution of the club’s troubles before the commencement of the upcoming season. In an effort to expedite the process, Juventus negotiated a deal with the authorities in the salary manoeuvre case, which resulted in the trial date being moved forward.

As a result, the club has now been fined an amount of just under 1 million euros and has admitted its offence, opting not to appeal the decision.

Juve FC Says

It is great news that we have not suffered another points deduction because that was the main problem we wanted to avoid as a club.

We now hope the remaining legal cases end as well as this one so that we will have nothing to worry about when we begin next season and go about our business.

Hopefully, this outcome will affect our players positively and help them win our final match of the season to end the term in the best possible manner.