Juventus Football Club is one of the world’s highest-ranking and most famous Italian football clubs. The club is popularly known as Juve but also has other native nicknames such as madam, the old lady, the white-blacks, the girlfriend of Italy, Hunchback, the Zebras, and many others. 

Juventus is Italian for ‘youth.’ The club was established on 1st November 1897 in Turin and was originally referred to as Sport-Club Juventus. 

The club’s establishment resulted from the increasing wealth of the local merchants in Turin after factories were established during the 1870s. The merchants decided to create the first football club in Turin, and Juve was born.

Understanding Juventus 

Black and white stripes are more associated with Juve than any other football club in the world. However, the stripes have a background from one of the first football clubs in England, Notts County. Juve initially had pink football kits but replaced them at the start of the 1900s. 

The replacement happened after an English player in Juve was asked to find them a replacement from England. The kit that arrived was a replica of Nott County’s kit. 

Around the 50s and 60s, Fiat was one of the largest companies in Italy. Italians from the poorer southern regions relocated in masses and headed toward Turin in search of better employment. The area soon developed into an industrial town, sparking a lot of success for most of Turin’s local football teams. 

Juventus Football Club And Serie A Domination

Most of Juve’s football history is associated with Serie A, as the club has managed to play in the league continuously. However, in the 2006-07 season, Juve was forcefully relegated from Serie A into Serie B. 

The relegation happened after Juve’s scudetto was revoked because of the Calciopoli scandal. However, despite being deducted nine points, Juve soon returned to Serie A and began dominating the top clubs again. 

Juventus Football Club’s domination of the Serie A in the 2010s was unparalleled. The club won every scudetto from the 2011-12 season to the end of the 2010s. During the 2004-05 season, Juventus demonstrated their dominance by collecting 102 points in 38 games, setting an unbroken record (the point allocation process has, however, changed.)

Club Records and Legendary Players

The number of legendary footballers who have played for Juve is extensive. Some modern world-class players that have played for the club in recent years include forwards such as Paul Pogba, Cristiano Ronaldo, and Alvaro Morata. Other legends from the past include Zinedine Zidane, Michel Platini, and Alessandro Del Piero. 

Juventus set a record in 2001 after selling the central midfielder Zinedine Zidane for 75 million euros. The transfer was the most expensive ever at the time. Juventus also set another transfer record for the most expensive goalkeeper in the same year after paying 45 million euros to sign Gianluigi Buffon. 

In total, Juventus Football Club has won 70 titles on the international and national stages. No other Italian football club has won more titles on official stages. 

The 70 titles include 14 Coppa Italias, 36 official leagues, and nine Supercoppa Italianas. Juventus is the record holder in these competitions. 

The club has also won eleven titles in inter-confederation and confederation competitions. They include two European Champion Clubs, two Intercontinental Cups, three UEFA Cups, one European Cup Winners, two UEFA Super Cups, and one UEFA Intertoto Cup. 

The achievements above make Juve the most successful football in Italy and among the clubs with the most awards. It ranks 6th in Europe and 12th globally among the clubs with the most won trophies. 

Basic Facts About Juventus Football Club

  • The club was founded in 1897
  • Located in Torino, Italy
  • Owned by the Agnelli family
  • Currently coached by Massimiliano Allegri

Home Grounds

  1. From 1932 to 1990, Juve’s home ground was Stadio Olimpico Grande Torino
  2. From 1990 to 2006, Juve’s home ground was Stadio Delle Alpi
  3. From 2006 to 2011, Juve’s home ground was Stadio Olimpico
  4. From 2011 to date, Juve’s home ground is Allianz Stadium

Main Trophies

  1. 36 Serie A trophies
  2. 14 Coppa Italia trophies
  3. 2 Champions League trophies
  4. 1 UEFA Cup Winners’ Cup trophy
  5. 3 UEFA Cup trophies

Juve’s Prominent players

  1. Omar Sívori
  2. Pietro Anastasi
  3. John Hansen
  4. Dino Zoff
  5. Roberto Bettega
  6. Gaetano Scirea
  7. Boniek
  8. Paolo Rossi
  9. Michael Laudrup
  10. Michel Platini
  11. Gianluca Vialli
  12. Roberto Baggio
  13. Alessandro Del Piero
  14. Filippo Inzaghi
  15. David Trezeguet
  16. Pavel Nedvěd
  17. Fabio Cannavaro
  18. Zinedine Zidane
  19. Alvaro Morata
  20. Gianluigi Buffon
  21. Gonzalo Higuaín
  22. Paul Pogba
  23. Cristiano Ronaldo

Club records

  1. Most games – Alessandro Del Piero (705)
  2. Topscorer – Alessandro Del Piero (290)
  3. Best goalkeeper – Gianluigi Buffon
  4. The most expensive transfer was Cristiano Ronaldo (117 million euros).

In Summary 

Juventus Football Club is undoubtedly Italy’s greatest football club. Their dominance is proven by their unbroken records in Italy and their numerous won titles. 

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