In Juventus’ recent match against Empoli, both Paul Pogba and Federico Gatti suffered injuries, causing concern among the club and its fans. Pogba, who had recently returned to action after missing the entire pre-season due to injury, appeared to have picked up another injury during the match.

Fortunately, there is some positive news regarding Pogba’s fitness. According to a report from Football Italia, Pogba “has not sustained any lesions, there is just a slight overload of the semimembranosus muscle of the right thigh.” This suggests that his injury is not as severe as initially feared, and there is hope for his quick recovery.

On the other hand, Federico Gatti seems to be facing more serious trouble. The report states that he has sprained his ankle, which could potentially result in a longer spell on the sidelines. This is certainly not the ideal situation for Juventus, especially at the beginning of the season when they need all their players fit and ready for action.

Juve FC Says

Pogba’s news is one big relief because the midfielder is a player we can trust to do well if he is fit.

Every time he steps on the pitch this term, he looks better than the last time, which is why we are eager for him to stay fit.