Juventus has deliberated on the future of their embattled manager, Max Allegri.

Most of the club’s fans are now calling for his sacking after his team lost its fear factor and they could kick the Italian gaffer out.

In another club, Allegri could have been sacked long before now and it is surprising that he still has a job to do.

A new report on Calciomercato has opened up on the club’s internal decision-making and claims the Bianconeri executives have discussed firing or keeping the former AC Milan man.

They concluded he has to remain their manager for now despite the discontent from its fans.

The report claims one reason for that is the money it would cost to sack him.

Also, the Bianconeri do not believe there is a manager who can replace him, achieve a top-four finish and reach the next round of the UCL.

Juve FC Says

Replacing a manager after just nine games is not the hardest thing in the world and Juventus should be able to achieve that with minimal effort.

The Bianconeri seem to be making excuses because of the money involved as well as the fact they are tired of changing managers every other term.