Federico Bernardeschi could be playing in his last season for Juventus as the Bianconeri keep rebuilding their squad.

The Euro 2020 winner has been just a squad member at the Allianz Stadium in the last few seasons, but he is a committed player.

Juve has tried to ship him out on loan previously, but he always sticks around.

He will be a free agent in the summer and these are defining weeks in his Bianconeri career, as he could be playing his last games for the club.

Contrary to some reports that claim he has received a contract offer that pays less than he currently makes, Tuttojuve says the club hasn’t offered him a new deal and they probably will not.

He now has to get them to change their minds and make him an offer in the next few weeks of the season.

Juve FC Says

Bernardeschi has been a very useful squad member at Juve and we probably still need to keep him in the group.

However, the midfielder might also have his plans for the future and it will not be a surprise if it doesn’t include staying at Juve.

We will wish him luck if he leaves the club and joins a team where he will play regularly.