Igor Tudor has emerged as a strong candidate to become the next manager of Juventus, and it is reported that discussions have taken place between the club and the coach.

Tudor is currently leaving his position at Olympique Marseille and has become an important option for Juventus in their search for a replacement for former manager Max Allegri.

Having previously served as an assistant manager at Juventus during Andrea Pirlo’s tenure, Tudor is well-respected within the club. His coaching credentials and experience have impressed Juventus, who are eager to appoint a manager capable of leading the team in a new and positive direction.

According to Il Bianconero, discussions have already taken place between Juventus and Tudor regarding the managerial position, with the club informing him that he is a strong candidate to succeed Allegri. This suggests that Juventus is considering the future of Allegri and actively exploring alternatives for the managerial role.

Juve FC Says

Because of how poor we were in the last campaign, people seem to believe we can settle for a move for Tudor.

However, he is not experienced enough to be on our bench and we need a manager with a record of winning trophies at other clubs.

Tudor is still a rookie coach and must add impressive achievements to his CV before we consider him for the job.