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Juventus identifies player that needs to leave before they can sign Zaniolo

July 4, 2022 - 6:30 pm

Juventus is keen to add Nicolo Zaniolo to their squad, but their wage bill is filled up with players who earn high wages and cannot perform.

The Roma man is an exciting player to have in your squad, and most fans will believe he will do a good job at the Allianz Stadium.

However, signing him will not be straightforward, and the Bianconeri have been keen to ensure that he remains within their reach.

They are now looking for a solution to bring him to Turin, and one thing they must do is offload players.

Several of their men could leave for the right price this summer, and Calciomercatoweb reports that one of them is Adrien Rabiot.

The Frenchman has been at the club since 2019, and he is a key player, but his deal expires next summer, and Juve is happy to offload him now.

Juve FC Says

Rabiot can fetch us some good money because he is very fit and rarely has injury problems.

But he is an enigmatic player, and any manager who has watched him closely and feels he has what their team needs will notice a good contribution from him in Juve matches.

The club’s fans will be happy to see him leave to create space on the wage bill for a new man.

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    Maurizio July 4, 2022 at 9:49 pm

    Adrien is a good player and hit hard play hard , we must keep it , he miss goal yes but you need a player like that in the squad , can’t be all attacking midfielder, we should add Milinkovic Slavic someone that has high rate of goal and assist and wedge not very high. Reduce wedge and let dybala leave was the bigger mistake ever. The high wedge are to be blame yes but for other player not for Dubala … look at the wedge of rugani or the Welshman , even Chiesa did not perform as much as his salary , rabiot has high salary because of the free transfer , the player why they need an agent ?? Really can’t they handle themselves?? And the agen are most of the time the one creating problem , I wish a soccer without them … we don’t need them , they are useless, the scout are the one discovering talent not the agent …