Juventus vowed to flush out the fans who were involved in racially abusing Romelu Lukaku during their game against Inter Milan and the club has identified two of them.

The abuse marred the hot-tempered match between two of Italy’s most successful clubs.

The Inter striker, Juan Cuadrado and Samir Handanovic have also been banned or suspended for a period of time because of their involvement in trouble during the game.

Il Bianconero reveals Juve has now identified two individuals who led the racial chants against Lukaku.

The Bianconeri believe an adult and a minor were responsible and the club is ready to punish them harshly.

The report claims the adult could be banned for life from attending anything concerning Juve, while the minor will be handed a 10-year ban.

Juve FC Says

Racists have to get punished otherwise, it will encourage more people to join them and it will create a terrible environment for some players.

The club is being watched closely by fans worldwide; if it fails to take action, it will be a clear sign that it does not take the issue seriously, which isn’t the case.

Hopefully, punishing those identified in that game will discourage other people from being involved.