Juventus has denied any wrongdoing in their accounting after being accused of falsifying the books by investigators.

The Bianconeri are in an important time in their existence and are facing a question over their integrity. Their fans fear for the worse and the club is fighting back.

Andrea Agnelli and the entire board of directors resigned during the week and the club has a new president, who has to clean up the mess from the previous leadership.

The club has continued to insist they have done nothing wrong and responded to the allegations by saying via Football Italia:

“Based on a solid set of opinions from professional lawyers and accountants, the Juventus board unanimously concluded that the accounting treatment adopted falls within those allowed by applicable accounting principles.”

Juve FC Says

Our leaders have maintained that they have done nothing wrong and we believe them because they know the consequences.

The media seems to be against us and have been discussing our legal battles unusually too much.

We need to stay focused on our goals and continuous progress on the field while the club’s leaders work hard to get us out of all these legal battles.

Our new leaders must be careful to ensure that they avoid the mistakes of their predecessors.